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Grapes saplings Pino Nuar average wine grades
  • Grapes saplings Pino Nuar average wine grades

Grapes saplings Pino Nuar average wine grades

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Belozersky agricultural firm - the largest producer of grape saplings in Ukraine. It was succeeded to become the leader in the industry of the company thanks to qualitatively new approach to cultivation of saplings.

Thanks to the acquired practical experience, cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific institutions, in Belozersky agricultural firm unique process of cultivation of saplings is created. The comprehensive program on protection of planting stock which is offered by agricultural firm is guarantee of purity of planting stock of grapes from various diseases and wreckers, and also latent form of bacterial cancer which is shown in stressful conditions (frosts, low level of agrotechnology).

The matochnik of podvoyny and privoyny rods of new type who does not have analogs in Europe is put is matochnik of the best clones of the European and domestic grades of grapes, on superintensive technology, under control of virologists of institute of Tairov. Matochnik free from viral diseases, bacterial cancer, mycoplasmal organisms.

The Belozersky agricultural firm passed to the European technology of cultivation of the planting stock allowing to receive exit of standard saplings of 70% and more. Since 2000 in economy laying of matochnik of podvoyny and privoyny rods with initial clonal stock from Italy, France, Germany is made. And since 2008 this planting stock breeds in vitro "in vitro". The European grades of grapes, and also grades of domestic selection which are selected by employees of NNTs of "VIV institute of V.E.Tairova" land.

The saplings which are grown up in agricultural firm make 60% of all made saplings in Ukraine. Practically in all wine-making regions of Ukraine vineyards which homeland - "Belozersky" grow. Clients of nursery - such companies, as: "Alushta", "Malorechensky", "Grape", "the Gold Beam", "Kamensk", "Solodukhina", "The garden", "Koblevo", "Limansky", "Berezansky", "Green Guy", "Old World", "the Black Sea Perlina", "Danube Agro", "Ladas the Agro", "Delena", the Wine-grower", "Kvadris", fkh is glad to "Kurin" and many others.

In Belozersky Agricultural firm the complex for full providing the Ukrainian wine-growers with qualitative planting stock, technology of their landing, protection against harmful objects is created that finally will affect longevity and productivity of vineyard and therefore on end product - qualitative wine material.

- We offer the buyers full portfolio - at choice stocks, grades and clones.

- The saplings which are grown up on virus-free and axenic basis.

- Specialists of economy undertake the obligation for maintenance of grape sapling from purchase, waxing, processing by "Paurin", the correct landing, leaving and chemical protection of young plantings before the first fructification.

- Also we guarantee varietal purity.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 12.12.2018
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